The value of relations

Right now, i’m doing some domestic traveling in Sweden. So, to be honest, im not work…Well, i’m reflecting about the business, thinking of all the people that on daily basis, on different locations, producing and making our business possible.

There is something special with relations, taking care of them is the key of success.
In the age of 15, i got my first album for my business-cards, at that time I was so happy when I could get one single new businesscard added to this album. I remember I always asked for the businesscards as I wanted it to grow.

8 years later, I still got this album. Opening this is a great flashback. 8 years later and a network of impressing 1500 cards. That’s what I call groth!
Right now my job is traveling around Europe to generate new relations and new businesscards. Nowdays i must confess, I’m not that greedy to get these cards, as the album is overfull. Now, the memories and personal impression from the each meeting is the most important. The groth of personal relations and the interesting values and reflections each relation got.


Thank you for making it possible.

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